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Update by user Dec 01, 2016

Final Update - On the way home after picking up the RV, I was flagged down on the hwy. We pulled over and my ladder had pulled out the rivets holding the brackets to the RV.

Can't prove it, but seems someone at TV used my ladder to pull themselves up to get to the roof, bending the ladder. Then pushed it back and locked it in place and never said a word. That ladder has never been used since I've owned the RV. (pictures uploaded) KZ is sending new ladder and paid to have a mobile unit come out and fix the brackets, however know I have damage to the side of the RV where the ladder come unhooked and slapped up again the side.

Appreciate that guys! Other items noticed when I got the RV back was nicks out of my cabinets where someone wasn't careful and laid tools down and/or bumped into them with something.

Scratches on back fold down door. Still shaking head at how some companies do business and how people just don't give a *** about doing a good job anymore.

Update by user Nov 15, 2016

I picked up my RV from TV on Friday, 11/11. All repairs were completed, however when we arrived the paperwork wasn’t ready nor was the RV pulled out and ready for us to hook up.

The RV wasn’t washed or even rinsed off after being in their crushed rock yard as well as I was told by Rudy “AS FOR WASHING YOUR CAMPER IT WILL PROBABLY TAKE ABOUT TWO HOURS TO WASH AND THE LABOR RATE IS $110.00 AN HOUR.” I brought a fairly clean RV in, but it’s great customer service for TV to return a completely filthy RV back to me.

A new tech walked thru all the repairs with me and answered all my questions and concerns. (Shane or Shawn - maybe) He was very polite, professional and seemed very knowledgeable. Hooked up and got on the hwy.

Stopped to get gas and a lady pulls up and says “we have something you might want”. She pulls the frig lower outside cover from the back of her truck. She said it flew off a few miles back and everyone on the hwy was dodging it. They were nice enough to stop and pick it up and follow us to the gas station.

It wasn’t broken, but one of the clips was busted so K-Z is sending me a new cover. Never seems to end with TV and their mistakes.

Since I had my unit I had not put the back patio down. When I let it down it had bird *** on it and a rip in the screen on the doors that close off the patio to the garage.

Great…brought it in for one rip in the screen and now I have another.

Radio that was in the RV upon purchase was DVD/Bluetooth. Replacement radio – no Bluetooth. K-Z is sending me a new radio with Bluetooth.

Not sure if that was K-Z or TV’s miss on not replacing the equipment with the same features.

All in all this was a *** of an experience. I’m just glad that I have my RV back and thankful that K-Z is working with me directly to get these last few TV mistakes taken care of.

If I need service prior to the 24 mo’s warranty expiring, I will definitely drive the extra 1 ½ hr and take it to the Alvin location. At least I know David in Alvin will do a good job!

Update by user Nov 08, 2016

Attempting to get an update from Rudy at TV. Four emails to Rudy since 10/31 with no response on ETA of completion.

Last email added Marty - GM and still no response. Last email I advised I would be picking up the RV on 11/11. All repairs completed?

We will wait and see. After 37 days I don't know why they wouldn't be.

Update by user Oct 31, 2016

10/31/16 - Most repairs have been completed. TV is waiting for parts that have been ordered.

Was found that jack had air in hydraulic lines. System purged and hopefully that will stop the popping of the jack. Further investigation found that fire was caused by faulty regulator.

New regulator and LP drop test performed to ensure all is good with the entire LP system in the RV. 10/27 requested update on ETA for completion and pickup from Rudy.

Update by user Oct 24, 2016

10/24/16 - I stopped by TV on Saturday to pick up some items out of my RV and was just shocked when I got to my RV.

First issue was that the RV was positioned at best a 60/40 slant to the right if you are facing the hitch.

Remind you that my jack on the entrance side is compromised and TV is replacing it and now the right front jack is holding the majority of the weight of the RV for no other stabilizing jacks were down. As well as the slide was out on the right side making more weight for the right jack. I'm not an expert on RV's, however after reading Lippert's guide in regards to how to properly position my RV this is definitely not how an RV should be positioned. My best guess would be that my RV has been in this position Friday night thru Sunday night, depending on what TV’s staff does on Monday morning.

Will I now have to worry that the right jack is compromised as well or that I will have problems with it down the road due to the incompetency of TV’s staff?

Second issue was that the entire RV was unlocked to include all outside compartments as well except for the entrance door. I stressed MULTIPLE times to Rudy upon leaving it with him that I am a full timer and that it always when not being worked on needed to be secured. I locked all doors and compartments when I left.

Third issue was that my TV in the living room was unhooked, the remotes to the TV and sound bar where out and the cabinet with the sub was open.

This means that TV’s staff went through my RV to find the remotes that I had put away. The TV in the garage had the cable unhooked and the pin in the connector is now bent.

Why on earth would TV’s staff do the above? I'm very concerned that TV’s staff would go through my RV to find remotes and play around with my equipment that has NOTHING to do with repairs.

This is a MAJOR breach of my privacy and totally unacceptable.

I’m appalled at the service I have received from TV. It is beyond words how unprofessional and what a lack of customer service and respect they have had.

I just want my RV repaired and returned and I will NEVER be back to TV. As well as I will let everyone I meet with an RV in the resorts that I stay at to not go to TV as well.

Update by user Oct 20, 2016

10/20/16 - Recv call from Mark at KZ. He stated that he spoke with Rudy at TV and Rudy advised they had ordered a new WIFI tablet and awning material and they should be completed with the RV in a week.

I asked him about the other items that were on the list for repair, (i.e. front right jack popping (major concern), microwave not venting to outside, garage toilet leaking, switch to bed sporadically works etc) He said he would call TV back and make sure everyone was on the same page with all the repairs. I advised that no one at TV was on the same page and that I was tired of dealing with them. Mark said "let me deal with them for you".

Fine by me! He said he would email me or call me when he spoke with Rudy. As I'm typing I recv email from Mark stating he called Rudy and left him a vm and would update me when he heard back.

Trying to be positive and hoping that finally I might have someone from KZ to help me get this resolved and my RV back. :)

Update by user Oct 20, 2016

10/20/16 - Sent another email to KZ customer service and the CEO's from KZ and Thor in regards to no response from Shari in their customer service department as she had promised. Shame on KZ and Thor for their lack of customer service and customer commitment. It's disgraceful!

Update by user Oct 19, 2016

Spoke with Rudy and Marty this morning. I asked Rudy why when he and a tech called me the other day would they be worried more about the freezer building ice vs it catching fire.

Rudy said "I don't have anything documented about a fire". I thought my head was going to spin like the exorcist! After rudely telling Rudy that was the MAIN reason I brought the RV in and spoke directly with him about the fire and showed him on the RV he finally stated that they did have that on the list. Marty stated that the flue cap was missing and that is what caused the frig to catch fire.

So if that is the case than the flue cap was missing from conception and never caught my TV upon inspections of their units. Might be a good idea to add important items like that to a check list don't ya thing? Marty also advised that Norcold told them the ice build up (mind you 1-3") was normal. I told Marty that was *** and I absolutely didn't agree with that.

However when you pull the diagram from Norcold and read the description under flue cap this is what it states.

"The flue cap, see Figure 24, deflects hot exhaust gases to the sides. It also keeps dirt and debris from getting into the flue. Cooling performance may be affected if the flue cap is not installed or is not installed correctly."

Did you get that? "cooling performance" meaning ice build up?

But Marty told me that was normal! Again that is why I call bull *** on half of what they tell me! I also asked where they were on the other issues and Rudy stated they were waiting on authorization for parts. I said authorization from who?

I've already spoke with KZ and there shouldn't be any waiting on authorization. Marty once again spoke up and said they had ordered parts and were waiting for them to come in. So here you have the service manager and district manager (for a lack of a better title) and the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing!

Update on KZ - Shari customer service rep told me on 10/17/16 she would call TV and get an update and call me back.

As of yesterday Rudy advised she had not contacted TV and as of today 10/19/16 I have not heard from her.

(After leaving her a nasty vm yesterday). That's great customer service from KZ (Thor)

More to come folks!

Update by user Oct 18, 2016

Here we go again!

I bought a new 2016 K-Z Venom 4013TK toy hauler in Feb 2016 from Terry Vaughn in Alvin, TX. I stored it until May when I moved in full time.

Since then I have had nothing but problems. Some problems were advised to Terry Vaughn Alvin location when I bought it and I was told there wasn't any problems. (i.e. control panel tablet when taken off the docking has never worked properly).

Side by side freezer iced up 1-3" after 4 wks, right front leveling jack started popping/shaking the RV, switch to the bed in the garage sporadically works and other items. Latest and greatest was on 10/4 when I was doing routine maintenance and switched frig from elect to gas and it caught fire in the exhaust compartment outside near the roof. After switching to gas on the inside control of frig, I went outside to observe the pilot and make sure all was good and look up and a blue flame the length of my arm was coming out of the exhaust pipe. My son turned off the propane which after several seconds extinguished the flame.

That was last straw. Moved all my stuff out that night and closed it up. Called TV Spring and left vm that we would be bringing it in 1st thing that next morning. No call back from TV.

Upon arrive found a new Service Manager Rudy that was hired out of the oil fields with NO experience in RV's. Was told they were booked till 10/18 and would be 5 wks for service. Told Rudy that I was not taking the unit back and that they would have to store it there until it could be serviced. They agreed and I left the unit.

When Rudy wrote down my issues and then typed them up on the service order I expressed my concern that he didn't really write the specifics of the issues and that I didn't think the tech would be able to identify the problem from his explanations. He said "oh they will..they check everything from A to Z." Well if that is the case then why has Rudy and a tech had to call me twice now for explanations on the issues? 10/5 wrote email to K-Z customer service explaining all the issues I have had in my $80+ RV, the wait time for service and the money I am now out for my lot rent etc. Rose Yoder from K-Z read my email on 10/10 but no response from K-Z.

10/17 I looked up Peter Orthwein CEO of Thor and Aram Koltookian CEO of K-Z and forwarded my original email with the read receipt from their employee Rose Yoder advising that this was not acceptable and quoting their "commitment to customer service". Peter and Aram read my email and approximately 45 min later I received a call from Shari at K-Z. Went through the problems and she advised she would contact TV and see where they were in the service and an ETA for completion and would call me back. Shari from K-Z did not return my call that day as she had advised, however I did receive a call from Rudy and a tech from TV asking about the frig freeze up.

Tech was agitated, abrupt and definitely wasn't very intelligent with his line of questioning on the freezer freeze up. Told me the freezer wasn't frost free, like I didn't already know that and that frost was normal. I told him really 1-3" within 4 wks? I don't think so!!!

I told him I had pics that I could send if he needed a better understanding of the problem. His response was "No, I will call the mfg". My thought was; wouldn't you be calling the mfg to see why the *** thing caught fire vs calling about the freezer freezing up? It is now 10/18 and at least I got K-Z to respond but had to go to the top for that and it seems that TV is at least looking at my RV, however no ETA on completion and still out $741 for RV lot rent and no RV.

It is unacceptable that mfg and dealerships do not response, act like ***, speak to customers like we are ignorant and we as customers have to be aggressive and write emails to executives to get the warranty and customer service we deserve. What happened to appreciation for your customers for without us buying your product you wouldn't have a job!!

I do applaud K-Z leadership for immediately having someone call me and appreciate that. Don't know how this will turn out, but so far didn't start off on a good foot for TV or K-Z!

Update by user Jun 23, 2016

I was contacted by Marty Dorio, GM from the Spring location and we discussed my issues and concerns. He was very understanding of my frustrations.

We set a time for me to bring the trailer in and get things resolved, which went well.

I hate that it had to come to a bad review to get the ball rolling, but hopefully in the future this kind of customer service will not be tolerated in the Alvin location. There does seem to be a pattern with Gary from what I am reading so I hope that the Alvin location will take note of other people's concerns and address it.

Original review posted by user Mar 22, 2016

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt so I will stick to the facts. Bought 2016 5th Wheel Venom from Terry Vaughn. When I first viewed the unit with Dan in sales I had several questions and wanted specific information in regards to their extended warranty plan. Dan stated he would ask the mfg about my questions and get the warranty information and let me know. Never heard from Dan. We also noticed that the sewer pipe hung down extremely low, but when we mentioned it to Dan he stated that was the way it came from the mfg.

During several visits to finalize my decision on the unit, Dan advised that the mfg did realize the sewer pipe was an issue and that it would be fixed prior to sale. We were discussing hitches and Dan went and got David and he was very informational in regards to the hitch we wanted to order. He gave us a quote which was less than we had found online so David ordered our hitch for our truck. The hitch parts took 8+ days to receive. My son took our truck in on Friday 2/19 to have the hitch put in and he called me stating that David would not be available on Sat 2/20 to walk thru the RV with me prior to taking possession and they wanted to know if I could come in that day. I understand that things come up so I took off work and drove to the RV shop and walked thru the unit with David and my son. David was great on installing our hitch and walking thru the entire RV with me. He was very knowledgeable and patient with all my questions.

I went inside to sign the papers with Dan and asked again about the warranty information and he responded "oh I thought I sent you that". NO! Then when I was reviewing the paperwork the payment was way higher than originally discussed. I told Dan that this was not the payment we discussed when he called me after running my credit for approval. After reviewing further I realized the months financed was incorrect. They had to re-do the paperwork before I could sign it. I also brought it to Dan's attention that one of their forms that you have to sign had words cut off. I asked Dan to get a form that had the complete verbiage and wrote it in on my form prior to signing. Dan is very polite and courteous but is scattered. The paperwork is the most important part and in my opinion should have been reviewed thoroughly prior to presenting to me for signatures.

When I got to the shop they were still going thru the unit and the sewer pipe had not been fixed. I expressed to Dan that I was not signing papers till everything was completed on the unit. He stated that they had been at the RV show and it would get done. Not sure why being at the RV show was my problem and why Dan wouldn't had made sure everything was complete on the unit before calling me in to take possession? We got ready to hook up the RV to the truck and they couldn't find the plate for the hitch; which come to find out hadn't been ordered with the initial hitch. We went ahead and hooked up the RV to the truck without the plate and found that it squatted the truck and we needed air bags. Since we now had to wait for the hitch plate we were not taking possession of the RV that day anyway. David was very helpful and ordered the air bags for us the following Monday. Once they came in my son installed them and we picked up the trailer on 2/27.

I will be a full timer in this unit the end of June so until then we took it down the road to a storage that Terry Vaughn uses. We unhooked the battery and ensured everything was turned off and parked it. The next weekend I went to unpack some items in the RV and the battery was dead. I had to hook up my car to jump the battery to get the slides out and to start the generator. Two things I the battery was dead and never back charged from the generator and the kitchen AC wasn't cooling as it should. It was only 78 degrees outside and the AC in the kitchen never cooled down the living area.

I called Terry Vaughn on 3/16 and left a msg with a gentleman for service to return my call. No call back.

I called again on 3/17 and left a msg and Gary from service returned my call. He wasn't rude, but definitely wasn't friendly. He seemed stressed and short tempered. I explained what the issue was and that I wanted to bring the unit in on 3/18 since I was off work. He advised that he couldn't take the unit and asked if I had any trips planned in the unit for which I stated no. He said he would look at this schedule and call me back with a time to bring it in. I explained that I don't live near their shop so I wouldn't be able to just jump up and bring it by. He again said he would look at his schedule and call me so we could find a time that would fit to bring it in.

Today it has been 5 days and I have not heard back from Terry Vaughn RV in regards to a date to bring the unit in. My opinion on this is that 1) if you don't have the staff to serve the units you sell than you need to hire more folks 2) If you set expectations that you will return a customers call or send them information then you need to *** well do so 3) your customers are what pays your salary, so a little friendliness on the phone might go a long way 4) Service after the sell is just as important and is what is going to give your business referrals. Poor service no referral. Word of mouth is the most damaging thing to a business.

I got on Terry Vaughn's website today 3/22 and completed their form for a call back. We will see how this turns out, but as of now David is the only staff person that held to his word and knows his stuff. As for my opinion of Terry Vaughn RV..well it's not the best as of today, but again we will see.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service of 2016 kz venom 4013tk from Terry Vaughn Rv and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Terry Vaughn Rv to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The most disappointing in user's experience was attitudes and customer service now that they have my money. Author liked the most david - service rep. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Terry Vaughn Rv for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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I waited 8 days for Gary to return my call, before I called him and

had them get him inside so I could talk about the parts he was supposed to have ordered in Jan. 2016.

Here it is March 30, and still no parts, and he seemed to get angry on the phone when I

questioned him about no parts. Gary also seems to not have any

records of the parts that my trailer needs.

If he can't deal with customers nicely then Terry Vaughn needs

to find someone who can get the job done. Parts Department is no better, no one can answer any questions.

Consumers are paying good money for RVs from Terry Vaughn and should expect decent service for their money. TERRY VAUGHN is now failing in the service/parts dept.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1228729

I understand your frustrations with Gary. I agree with you that Gary cannot deal with customers however it left in a customer service role. He is rude and has been unhelpful when I have had to deal with him.


Sorry for your frustrations. Our online contact form is experiencing some difficulties lately but I have forwarded this info to the Alvin staff, so they will be contacting you shortly. Our goal is to make happy campers and we will work hard to address your needs.

We appreciate you taking the time to post a review and we will be in contact shortly.

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